Our Activity

We Partner to bring in technology and expertise from reputed Internationalcompanies in North America, Europe,Australia & India to cater to a diverseclientele not limited to;

  • Engineering, Technology& Construction.

  • Hospitality Management & Services

  • International Trade, Retail& FMCG

  • Facility Management& Development

  • Disinfection and Bactericidal Management

Our Services

  • Quality Products | Technology, FMCG & Retail Products

    Our procurement is resourced from highly reputable manufacturers to meet stringent quality approvals and global standards.

  • Precision Engineering

    • Engineering Design
    • Construction
    • MEP
    • IAQ Systems
    • Energy Saving & Controls
    • Water Mist Fire Protection
    • UV & Defogging Systems
  • Hospitality Services

    • F&B Management
    • Food Services
    • QSR
    • Facility Management
    • Kitchen Design &Equipment
    • Hotel,Restaurant,QSR,Cafe,CAnteen operations and Management
    • Franchise Management
    • Repair and Maintenance Services for Hospitality establishment and residential building
    • Procurement of Hospitality Services(Food and Non Food)
    • Menu Development
    • Food Cost Control
    • Kitchen and Dine-in Design and Fit Out
    • Kitchen Equipment sourcing and servicing
    • Kitchen and Dine-in staff training
    • Restaurant operational manual creation